hearing the songs on the radio

Hi Katy- This is for any members of the band: Hey guys! In interviews ive read with different movie stars, they say that other than the dailies, they dont watch their movies after they are completed, not even once. I was wondering if long after an album is done (like now with RIO forexample) do you or would you listen to it like you would any other album, like when your driving or on the road? thanks and i will be one of the first in line for the new album and new tour!! JEREMY HARDY

NICK TOOK THIS ONE "Well, frankly Jeremy, when we have completed work on an album, it usually means we have listened to the songs several hundred times already. So the only place I like to hear 'em after that is on the radio or when we are playing them live. As the years pass by it is interesting, occasionally, to re-visit some of the albums because it is possible to look at them a different perspective. This usually happens before we plan a live set."