roger and the powerstation

Katy - I'm a huge Roger fan from way back. I totally idolized him as a kid. He's the reason I started playing drums, and i've memorized every song (down to the hi-hat pattern) that he ever played with the band! Anyway, I've always wondered about Roger's involvment with the 1st Power Station album. On the liner notes fot that album, it says "Percussive Effects: Roger Taylor". Can you please ask him what he contributed to the record? Did he actually play anything with Tony Thompson? What exactly does "percussive effects" mean? Please don't tell me after all this time that it was Roger Taylor from Queen! Thanks, Scott

"Scott-no it wasn't Roger from Queen[this time]phew! I overdubbed octobans on 'Some like it Hot' the drums on the chorus that go 'blat blat-blat blat BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT'!!!!-if that makes any sense to you!Why they are called drum effects is anybodys guess.Roger"