Katy, This is a question on behalf of my 15 year old daughter. We wanted to hear Simon's opinion on it since he is a poet in his own right. My daughter's English teacher told the class today that the words "Voice" and "Noise" rhyme. Most of the class disagrees with her. Where I went to school (In Cali) we were told that words like "Voice" and "Choice" rhyme and that although "Voice" and "Noise" have the same vowel sounds, can be used in poetry, but do not actually "Rhyme" My daughter figured that Simon is a *master* at this sort of thing, she'd really like his opinion. I don't think this will make the ask Katy board and I am not sure I really want it to, but would really like to hear what Simon has to say. barb

HE ANSWERED, YOU MADE IT!: "Well speaking as the guy who's about to rhyme "disco" with "fiasco" voice and noise seem perfectly acceptable to me. In fact I find half-rhyme and para-rhyme much more attractive than the obvious ones like "you, blue, true....etc" wuf s"