my own way/like an angel

Hey Katy, Since the guys are all back together now I was wondering if one of them could answer a long standing question. The single version of "My Own Way/Like an Angel" was never released in the US and as far as I know is still unavailable on any official band release. When was this single recorded in relation to the "Rio" sessions and how did the reworking of the track for the album come about? Thanks, Dave Bara

NICK SAYS "very good question! The single version was recorded before we commenced work on the RIO album. We were not entirely happy with the final results, hence we re-worked it for the album. It was not released outside of the UK at our request. At the time, it seemed as though we had not achieved what we set out to do - incorporating euro-disco strings in our sound. Now it doesn't bother me so much personally, in fact, the single version has become a real oddity and i am not sure what everyone else in the band thinks."