night versions

Hi Katy! Here is a question for any of the guys: Your Night Versions really stood out in the recording industry because they were longer arrangements instead of mere extended mixes. Am I right? I love the way these versions take longer to develop the different sections of the songs. Could you tell us a little bit about their origins and, most importantly, why did you stop producing them and, is there a chance of you producing some for the new songs instead of asking somebody else to remix them? I wish you a lot of health and success. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. --josefrancisco.

"When we first started making extended versions of songs, we actually re-recorded all the tracks and created a completely new piece of music . It wasn't until later that we discoveredediting and then samplers changed the way everybody worked on their mixes. Obviously it is easier to use the elements from the original and create an extended mix than to re-write new parts and re-arrange the whole song. However, it is not something I would completetly rule out for sometime in the future.Nick"