cover for "feelings are good"

This is for John. I was recently checking out the cover and interior artwork on my copy of "Feelings Are Good and Other Lies", and I thought of how it reminded me of the artwork and design for the Rolling Stones "Exile on Main St." album. I was wondering if the design of FAGAOL is a nod to Exile, or if perhaps I'm just being obtuse ;)Christy S

"I don't think I consciously did it as a nod, but 'Exile on Main Street' is one of my favorite album covers. In fact just last summer I got a copy of it on vinyl again. It really is a tremendous package, Robert Frank's photographs... it's got to be one of my all time top three album packages. Plus the fact it's all black and white, which the 'Feelings Are Good' cover is too, so I suppose maybe that's one of the reasons you might think that. JT"