milton keynes

Ask Katy

Katy and the boys, I was recently perusing my ever growing collection of Duran & related vinyl when I came across the UK 12" release of Plant Earth. The photo on the front cover shows the guys larking about being arty in amongst some trees and shrubs but yet the photo was taken indoors?!?! What I noticed about the photo is that, the actually place that the photo was taken is the spitting image of Milton Keynes ( in the United Kingdom) indoor shopping centre. Could you ask the guys if they recall this being taken and if not to check an original 12" sleeve to confirm or deny this for me as it has bugged me for years as I live in Milton Keynes. If this is true, then on a sad note I must report that the whole tree/shrub affair where the photo was taken may no longer exist as the whole indoor site is being re-furbished. I cannot help thinking a little bit of Duran history will have disappeared for good.

YOU ARE CORRECT! "Well done, the photos were indeed taken in Milton Keynes in 1980. It was the first major session that Duran Duran did with a photgrapher called Andy Earl. We went on to work with him for several years. He covered the videos in Sri Lanka and also shot the photo on the inside of the RIO album. Nick"