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Ask Katy

Dear Katy, Whenever i listen to "Tel Aviv",i always wonder if the similar sounds like hymns are in Hebrew or in any specific language?Thank you. My love to you all. Eren.

"Dear Eren, It's funny, you know I wondered when someone might pick up on this. Well, well, well, it's been 20 years and someone has finally twigged but what twig exactly has made that little cracking noise I ask you? I think.

Would you like to play a little game? You see, I'd like to know if you, or anyone for that matter, can figure out what that vocal on Tel Aviv is all about. Here is a clue :

Take the shape of a snake in the way of a snail In what once were trees find two secrets therein. Tis the holy Blood and the holy grail That reveals when you spiral widdershins? s"