memories of Prince

Ask Katy

Hi Katy Anyway, whilst reading the archives i read they toured with Bowie in '87 in Canada for a few dates & i was interested in hearing Nick's memories of that. Also, did he / they meet Prince when they recorded some stuff for Thank You ( I like it anyway!!!) at Paisley Park & if so what impressions of him were had? Yours interestingly Kevin Galliford

"It was fun to play a few shows with David. I seem to remember we had a really great band on that tour, but the gigs were in giant outdoor stadiums and certainly not the most memorable shows of the tour. I do remember David's set, based upon his "Glass Spider" concept album - it incorporated a lot of pipes and duct - and was somewhat of a nightmare to construct every day.

Prince was not present when we did some "Thank You"sessions at Paisley Park studios but I have met him on several occasions when he was still called Prince.NR"