skin trade cover

Ask Katy

Katy, I know I have seen the answer to this somewhere before, but maybe you could help me out. The cover of the Skin Trade 45 that I have shows a silouhette of a bum, but most covers I have seen for sale in shops, etc. are plain red. Is it true that the original cover was the bum one but then it became the victim of censorship? I think I also heard the bum cover was only available in Canada. Thanks for any help you can give me on this. Please let the band know that I am one of their many "more mature" fans (I don't want to say "old"!)--since 1982!-- and I am eagerly awaiting their new release. Thanks, Monica, Vancouver, BC

NICK SAYS :"Blame are certainly in possession of theoriginal design for the "Skin Trade" cover. in fact, there was a Rolling Stone Random Note about this particular censorship issue. i still don't quite understand why it was banned, however truth is it ended up being plain red in most places. Can't say that I remember Canada being the only place to release the original. i have a feeling some European countries were also slightly more liberal in their attitude toward nakedness, don't think it ever came out in the USA though."