john on bootlegs

Ask Katy

Hi John, what is your opinion of unreleased songs being surfaced by bootleggers? There is a large sum of fans who love rare tracks like "Matterof Fact", "Gimme some truth", "Falling Angel" (just to name a few). Will fans ever get to see any official CDs of Rare Duran songs in stores? will JTever post these songs @ TTP? It would be very cool to hear them since there is a lot of hassle acquiring rare DD material from bootleggers lately. I'msure many people would love the idea. And JT, it would be awesome to hear you sing in the new DD album, JUST 1 TRACK JUST 1 TRACK!! You know a lot of JT fans feel the same way!!! (something like "fanclub of 1" or "feeling are good" type of songs). Fernando

"I'm all for bootlegs- always have been. I know what it's like to be obsessed by an artist's work and want to get closer to them than the 'authorized' commercially available product willallow. I don't think I'll be singing on the Duran album- I just want to play some of the best bass of my life. JT"