recalling the punks days

Ask Katy

Recently I picked up a LP collection of material by the Birmingham band Dansette Damage and had a good chuckle upon reading this segment of the notes: "EMI passed on us and signed our rivals instead - Duran Duran, who used to come and watch us. We had a better following and a better sound, but they got the deal. I remember one night in particular which seems very symbolic in retrospect. The two double-D bands (Duran Duran & Dansette Damage) both had gig's in Broad street, on opposite sides of the road. There we were humping all our extremely heavy gear up five flights of steps into the loft of The Crown, while they gently wheeled theirs down the slope into the Rum Runner club. They found wealthy patrons; and we struggled on, like armature bands do..." (Eddie Blower '94) I've always been infectiously curious as to Duran's time during the 'punk' era: who they played gig's with before fame & fortune and who were some of the bands they liked from the B-Ham scene that didn't make it (Neon Heart's, Prefects, anyone??)... Also any info about Simon's 'punk band' Dog Days!(?)... I know it was a scattered time, but any reflections on the subject would be great! Cheers, Mark L.

"Amanda-struggling to recall Dansette Damage-but do remember Steele Pulse, Fashion,Neon Hearts,T.V Eye and Da Da who were in my opinion all really great Birmingham Bands of the late 70s/ early 80s.....Roger"