david bowie at the beeb

Hi Katy/Duran Duran! I never realised how much of a fan I was of David Bowies work until recently, and have been indulging myself in thoughts of a Bowie/Duran collaboration. Im aware that Duran have covered Bowie a few times now, did they get any feedback from David for the brilliant covers of "Fame, Diamond Dogs & Rebel Rebel?" I recently bought the "Bowie At The Beeb" pack to find in the enclosed booklet that not only do Simon & Nick get a mention, they attended David's special live event of June 27th 2000 too!! Any good memories of this day, and would any members of Duran like to work with David in the future? Thanks, Peter L

"I think our David thought FAME turned out OK, and actually I seem to remember that we did a TV show together in 1995 when we were playing "Rebel Rebel" on the set. So I guess he had to endure that one too. We nearly worked together a couple of times , but nothing ever transpired. Glad to hear he is working with Tony Visconti again as well. The BBC Concert was actually the last time I saw one of David's shows, which I thought he did remarkably well considering he was suffering a really bad cold that day. Great to see our ex drummer Sterling Campbell playing with him too.Nick"