can someone please explain…

Hello, A friend of mine had the opportunity to talk with Simon for a few hours over a few beers at the Cafe Mogambo in Tokyo in December of 1993. This really pissed me off, since I have been DD's biggest fan since 1983 and would have loved the chance to talk to Simon for a few hours. Anyway, my friend did tell Simon about me being a big fan and Simon passed along an eloborate autograph with drawings and cartoons... on the paper he wrote "What do you need? What I really need is home" and on the back he wrote "Hungry Like The Wolf is a song about a bad person." Can Simon please explain what he meant by the latter... and can he please give me a call so we can go out for a beer next time DD is in southern California (my treat)? Thanks, Todd

"Dear Todd, in the words of Mary Poppins "Before we go any further Mr Banks let me make one thing perfectly clear - I never explain anything."

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