buy that building!

Hi Katy, my question is to Nick. In '84 you were being driven around New York with a journalist from ( I think ) the NME and said "See that Sticky? That's the Chrysler Building, I'm going to buy that one day". Was it a tongue in cheek comment or did you really mean it and if so, do you regret never having owned it? Would you still buy it now if you had the money/opportunity? Love you all Samantha London

NICK SAYS: " I do remember saying it very well cos it was quoted out of context all over the media. I am indeed a huge admirer of the Chrysler Building and of course, the comment was made tongue in cheek. Actually, if I wanted to be in that part of town, it would seem a terrible pity to be inside the Chrysler Building because then you would miss the beauty of viewing the exterior, but hey, you never know. Maybe if it is going cheap on EBay one day, I will put in a bid."