another question about a guitar

Ask Katy

hi katy, i am a huge andy taylor fan from way back. he was the inspiration for me picking up a guitar 15 years ago. i first saw him live when he played with belinda carlisle and steve jones at the del mar fair in del mar california in 1987. anyways, i was wondering if you could ask him what kind of guitars he is playing these days. i almost bought a schecter in '87 because i saw him playing one. not a terribly interesting question but one that i have been curious about. also please tell him that i work part time at a cd store in dallas, tx and i try and keep everything of his in stock and when the reunion tour happens he needs to stop by. thanks. Doug Shingler

"I am really boring about guitars, I play a black Telecaster, a Gold top Les Paul and I still have my old Yanaha sg90 from the Rio album, oh I also favour a Gibson 160e acoustic.Marshall amps (still) sound the best and as few bits of electronics in between the guitar and amp, and I also use a wire. AT"