andy and zep

Ask Katy

Dearest Andy, Back in 1988 I read an interview with Robert Plant where he said he had just played at a benefit concert with you somewhere in the States & that you called him an 'Old Master' which he kinda found embarrassing, but he also said that in rehearsal you played some really cool Blues licks & were like a 'Mini Page' as in Jimmy Page! As Led Zeppelin are my fave rock group & Duran Duran are my fave Pop group, I was wondering if you could please shed abit more light on what it was like being on stage with the one & only Robert Plant & have you met/played with any other Led Zep member's? Thank you! luv jason d. New Zealand

"Yes, I once played a benefit gig with the mighty Percy and it was bloody marvellous, I do recall I had indulged in a few drinks as it was New Year's Eve, but for me an hour on stage with him was still the stuff of dreams, andnaturally I did my best Jimmy Page copy. Thanks for the memory, and over the years I have met all the living members. AT"