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Ask Katy

Hi Katy. I find it hard to believe but my 7 year old son, William, is a bigger fan than I am. He's been bugging me to e-mail you with his questions, so here it goes.

1. What was the colour of your hair the first time you coloured it?(yes he wants to colour his too.)
2. I like to take pictures. Mom says that you do too. How old were you when you started taking them? Thats it so far. He has tons more for the rest of the band so look out!!!Thanks, Nick, for taking the time to answer. Much love, Melissa and William

HI WILLIAM! THANKS FOR YOUR QUESTION: “I think I was legally blonde when I was 16 years old. I started taking photos when I was about 10 but I think the results got a little better when I was older yet I am sure some would argue!”