missing ask katy's, et al

Ask Katy

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the missing ASK KATY questions. I don't know what is going on either, but have e.mails out to Fullerene for help. I have a program where I can check the last date of postings, and for some reason it reflects August 13th, which is not correct. Sorry, hopefully it will be corrected soon.

On another note...as I have stated MANY times (I am sure I sound like a broken record), the band chooses the questions they want to answer. Since I don't work for just ONE member of Duran Duran, I am not able to answer every question that comes my way. I have at least four different people to contact for answers, and it isn't possible to personally answer all of the e.mails as they number at least 100 a day - and this isn't the only job I do for the band. While I give ASK KATY most of my attention, the anger that comes my way when questions either aren't answered, or aren't answered in a way that a person deems reasonable by their standards, is somewhat hard to understand.

I don't want anyone's sympathy, and I know there are many people who would trade places with me, but I do try to perform a service for the fans. The old adage of not being able to please all of the people all of the time rings very true in this situation. And just in case anyone thinks I don't listen to suggestions, though I got many favorable e.mails regarding the posting about my grammar skills (or lack of), some people thought it was plain mean so the posting was taken down. In other words, I do try to listen and help the best I can, even if there is a group of you out there would rather not ever have to hear from me again. Thank you to everyone who IS (or would that be ARE?) supportive. It is very much appreciated.

p.s - I have never posted anything on the Message Board, so I don't know who "Katy_K" is. Ain't me.