thoughts from roger

Katy, Roger Taylor left the band 16 years ago because he was tried of all the press and fans, How does he feel about being back into the spotlight? And what are his plans if the album is successful, will he tour with them? Of course us fan's know the album will be very successful. Just wondering what he was thinking. Thanks, Yvonne

WELL YVONNE, YOU HAVE THE DISTINCTION OF HAVING THE FIRST "ASK KATY" QUESTION ANSWERED BY ROGER. HERE YA GO..."Yvonne, Yes the plan is to tour as a the original Duran Duran so I guess I'm certainly gonna part of the live shows-which I'm really looking forward to.I would think that the band and our fans are older and wiser these days so hopefully the whole thing will be a totally different experience this time around- something we can all really enjoy rather than trying to handle the intensity of being in the middle of the latest teen craze as it was back in the 80s!! love, Roger"