nick's apple macintosh powerbook

KATY, A QUESTION FOR NICK. Nick, I was wondering if you could tell me how long you have been using your G3 Powerbook for sampling when playing
live. What else do you do with it (during the show or otherwise)? Has the Mac helped structure Duran's sound on the past few albums? Have you checked out the new G4 Titanium yet? Thanks so much!A Fan of Duran and Apple!

I ASKED NICK AND HE SAID: "I first started to use a Macintosh Powerbook in 1997. At that time, we utilised software called ORI, which enabled us to load individual samples on to each key of the computer. For example, the screams from "Hungry Like the Wolf" and the intro sound to "Silver Halo." Since then, things have developed greatly and Macs are taking over. We now use a Mac to help run the lighting system, another one to run the projection and I also trigger the sequences for certain songs from a Powerbook. We currently use the G3 but I shall certainly be joining the queue for a Titanium Powerbook. I am a great admirer of Apple's design and technology."