memories of rumrunner

Ask Katy

Dear Katy- For a long time now, I have been intrigued with the little-known early days of Duran Duran, particularly their days as an unsigned band at the Rumrunner. I have a three-part question all dealing with this era. #1 When was the last time the band-members each went back to the space that was the Rumrunner (or have they? what is it now?) #2 Can they recall any interesting or humorous stories from this time? #3 Can they remember any of the setlists from any of the Rumrunner shows? Thanks Katy Sign me King Rentboi in West Hollywood p.s. I'll be first in line to buy the new record! Wild boyz never lose it.....

"hi King Rentboi, #1 can't remember #2 I'm sure there are some but I can't quite remember.... well I can and they're all to do with shagging each other's girlfriends up in the warehouse in the dark... and you wouldn't want to know about that would you now? #3 Setlists? hmmm I remember our first ever show there together the "walk on" music was "Tomorrow belongs to Me" the anthem sung by the hitler youth in "Cabaret". We opened with a cover of the Donna Summer song "I Feel Love " then "Girls on Film" then "eh me a gogo" (don't ask me what that means; I inherited the title from the previous DD frontman. Anyway the song went on to be rewritten and ended up as "Rio") other songs in the set were "Nightboat", "Tel Aviv" a completely different vers. to the one you know - which had verse and chorus, "Secret Success" a John song I think was in although I made a complete hash of singing it. Oh I can't remember any more. I'm sure Nick will know. whoosh s "