master of disguise

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Adam again, awesome website and can't wait to hear the band's new album they are working on. I have a 2-parter for Simon: Simon, I used to work in a very popular record store hear in New Jersey in October '97 when Medazzaland was released, and used to play it in there all the time, you wouldn't believe how many people bought that CD just because of hearing it, well anyway, my question is how do you react when you here your own voice in a mall or a store and a Duran song comes on? I also would like to ask if you get recognized a whole lot in public. do you go in disguise, dress differently to avoid crazy fans? Thanks. Adam

OH, THAT CRAZY SIMON: "When I'm out in disguise (bearded clam or suchlike) and hear my own song in a store or a mall it just makes me go shopping crazy, why what's it supposed to do? s"