one more time, nick and stephen duffy

Ask Katy

Any news on the Nick Rhodes / Stephen Duffy project ?

For Nick - As many of us know, there were 2 or 3 versions of Girls On Film even before Simon joined. Well, I went to a Stephen Duffy gig recently & some wag shouted for Girls... Duffy pointed out it was written after he left DD but also said you guys 'knicked' it from Little Johnny Jewel by Television. As I haven't heard this track, is it true or not? PS - looking forward to your Duffy collaboration, but why is it called Duran '79 when Duffy left after six months & so very late 1978? Stuart, London

NICK TAKES THIS TWO PARTER "I think our Stevie Boy was pulling your leg cos "Girls on Film" isn't purloined from anywhere other than the imaginations of those present when it was written. Furthermore old Chap(s), it appears we have some more crossed wires with the Duffy connection. Whilst the name of the album is yet to be decided, we have christened ourselves The Devils. Hopefully, all will be revealed sometime next year."