live wire guitarist!

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, Being a long time devoted fan (since 1982), I am THRILLED and ECSTATIC to see the Original Five reform, as I never got a chance to see them live first time around (I was "too young" per my mom). I have always admired Andy Taylor and consider him my idol as a musician -- to me he is pure genius, and the greatest guitarist ever. I would like to ask Andy, what was it that drew him to the now famous Melody Maker ad that asked for a "live wire guitarist"? What was it about the guys (John, Nick and Roger at that point) that made him decide "this is it"? Is there anything that sticks out in his mind about that fateful day?? Thank you (and Andy) - I can't wait for Duran to come back to Orlando, FL! SASHA

“Well, I grew up in the very North of England (Billy Elliot but tougher), hard anglo-saxon country, the sort of place you either love or hate, me being the latter had acquired the skills in music as an escape route. Melody Maker had a musicians wanted section and in those days there was a need for musicians so I was always on the lookout for a potential way out.

When I first met John, Nick & Rog it was so obvious that these guys were serious,(and they had a manager with a night club) but also different, I had never seen myself in a traditional type of band or just doing something run of the mill, I wanted to be in the Beatles so I guess I was quite ambitious as were they , so basically it just felt natural..also we all have the same sense of humour (still)...AT.”