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Ask Katy

Andy, During your time away from Duran Duran, looking back, can you name the one project you take the most pride or joy in having been a part of? This can either be something you produced or played/sang on yourself. I know the list is extensive, but could you give it a go anyway? For your information, my personal favourite took place in September 1999. Love. Petra

HI PETRA> ANDY KNEW JUST WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT: "September 1999, then you must be referring to the 1st album I produced for the English band Thunder, that was a good record to make and it took very little time, it was an opportunity for me to produce a raw rock 'n' roll
album with a band that could actually hack it.
But in all honesty I always enjoy making records, there all different experiences, and hopefully I will never have to get a proper job. Andy T."