jt's bass preferences

Ask Katy

What sort of basses does John use or prefer? I've been considering starting to learn how to play bass and I figured I should get advice from the pro on it! Thanks! -Katie

"I use all different kinds of basses. I started off with the Aria, I was using that a lot, then I went to the Factor - the Kubiki. I used a Steinberger for a while then I got into the Les Paul bass. I've got a fretless (Fender) that I've not used very much but I'm going to be using on the next Duran sessions. I just got a Status, an English bass, that's a lot of fun to play. I think I'm going to be using that a lot. I also have a Fender Precision that is a beautiful example of that particular guitar. I'm pretty open-minded. I like to have a rapport with a bass. It's a pretty big thing when you think you're going to travel the world with an instrument, and that you're going to be playing it night after night. When a new bass comes into my life I tend to look at it for a while, and I get to know it like you might get to know a wild animal... very gently. It's a very sensitive relationship. I've also been playing the Music Man that used to belong to Bernard Edwards on the new Duran recordings - obviously that's a big deal for me to be playing that guitar, and it sounds great! "