nick the director?

Ask Katy

Hello, Long time listener, first time caller... My question is: Why hasn't Nick directed a duran duran video? He seems to be very into the design element of them, he does photography, so he can frame a shot...he has a captive, um I mean, willing cast, as well as a perfect vehicle to start out directing (5 minute videos), not to mention the RARE fact that he REALLY knows what the song is about.... Life's too short, he should direct at least ONCE. PS Nick....Rachmaninoff is a bit heavy even for post-lunch. Just lookin at his stuff makes my hands hurt.

"I have been talking about directing for far too long. One day I will have to stop talking and just act. Somehow, I don't know whether it would work with a Duran Duran video, but maybe somebody else's. Always found it better to start the day with Rachmaninoff and end it with Chopin."