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Ask Katy

Dear Katy, This question is for Mr. Nick Rhodes. As a keyboard player, has Tony Banks(Genesis), and Brian Eno (Roxy music) been a huge influence on him. Thanks, Munadel

HI MUNADEL. I CHECKED IN WITH NICK AND HE SAID “I am a great admirer of Brian Eno’s work. I am sure something must have rubbed off along the way, particularly from the early Roxy Music albums and some of his later production work. I suppose, most of all, Eno understands how to sculpt sound, which is a creative area I have tried to develop further myself. Whilst I like some of the Genesis records with Peter Gabriel, particularly THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY, Tony Bank’s style is rather juxtaposed to my way of thinking. Too many notes! Early on, one of my other great influences was certainly Giorgio Moroder. He really did pioneer electronic sequences for dance music.”