duran duran 2001

Ask Katy

simon/john/nick/andy/roger: how about giving us some clues for the sound / songs on the upcoming
album....as you know we are all salivating at any bit of information that comes our way.... how about disclosing a new song title....an indication
of the sound of the record? anything....

NICK TOOK THIS ONE: " If the same people who are in Duran Duran now met for the very first time in 2001 and NOT 1980, this is the sound we would have made together...In many ways, it isn't that different than the sound we made back then, aside from the development in technology. For Duran Duran, it has always been important to concentrate on the melody, the groove, the structure and the lyrics. We strive to create songs which represent WHAT we are and WHERE we are."