fast drumming!

Ask Katy

Greetings Katy!! I would love to pose a question (or two) to the most talented (and handsome!) drummer in the world - Hi Rog! I remember reading many years ago that you were one of a very few select drummers who could play in 6/8 time, which (from studying music) is pretty darn fast, and which I honestly believe to be true from listening to your incredible solos. How hard is it to play that fast and is that goal difficult for a drummer to reach? After all these years, do you still set time aside to practice, and if so, how long? Had you not picked up the drums, is there any other instrument you would have liked to play? Thank you for your time and for always being such a sweetheart. Hope to see you soon! Tons of love, SASHA in Orlando.

"Hi Sasha. do you play 6/8 time??And yes I still try to practice most days and drums is the only instrument I've ever seriously previous career choice was soccer goalkeeper but unfortunately I never grew tall enough!!!!!

>Mirisasha A. Velez