brett easton ellis

Hi Katy, I have been on a Bret Easton Ellis reading spree and in every book I have read thus far there have been Duran Duran references. These references include music mentions, a Duran Duran look alike contest and even Simon and Yasmin appear in one social gathering in the pages of Glamorama. Just wondering if any of the boys read and or like Ellis's work and what they think of their inclusion in his fiction? Cheers, Nicole

I NEVER KNEW THAT - I LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY: "Ah, this one's quite funny actually.
Of course I am aware of all the DD allusions in BEE's work. I think it's hilarious and very apt.
The one that I did attempt to readwas "Glamorama" which I found to be very heavy going right up until I got to Chap.4 when I left it on an aeroplane by accident.s"