The “Danse Macabre” Formula

Ask Katy

Hi Katy. I have a question for anyone in the band who would like to answer. I've been a fan of the band for many years, and I follow the production of each album. Danse Macabre is incredible, and was done quite quickly. The audio mix sounds perfect too, and I love the idea behind the album. Does the band want to follow that type of format in the future? A mix of new, reworks, and covers under a central theme? Thank you, and best regards. -Kyle

"Hello Kyle, The DANSE MACABRE album happened in a very organic way. It was not preconceived but grew from the seeds of a Halloween show we played in Las Vegas in 2022. The unusual combination of cover songs, re-worked DD songs and new tracks came about because of the subject matter and the necessity to record the album quickly. At first, we weren't sure that the eclectic mixture would be cohesive as an entire album, but as the project unraveled it became clear that the songs somehow complimented each other and worked together sonically because of the way we all play our instruments in the band. Not sure the same formula would work for a different type of project but never say never. The band"