Saffron Le Bon on Future Past

Hello, I feel like the song FUTURE PAST meant to positively inspire living in the moment, but every time I listen I have a melancholy feeling wash over me and want to or do cry. Somehow, I feel like it isn't supposed to make me feel this way. What gutteral reaction was Simon going for with this song? Also, Saffron's backing vocals on the album are beautiful. How did that come about, and was it strange recording with a family member? FUTURE PAST is so good!!!!! Krista

"Hi Krista, Yes, there is something melancholy about the song "FUTURE PAST." It’s about maudlin people but I am saying, "don’t be sad, just enjoy this moment because in ten years time, you will be looking back and saying, 'wasn’t that great?' " You should channel that energy in to living in the moment.

I always wanted to work with Saffie because she has a beautiful voice. The first song she worked on was “Beautiful Lies.” I wanted someone who had a voice like a chime, and she does. She sang, and everyone went “wow!” Not surprisingly, she plugs in to my intonation and diction like no other backing vocalist I’ve ever worked with. She is able to match my vocal very closely - she sounds like a female version of me (or I sound like a male version of her). SLB"