2022 Birthday Message from Dom

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Dear All,

It’s that time of year again, and boy do birthdays come around so quickly now!

Am hoping you are all doing better health wise now that the symptoms of Covid seem to be less debilitating. It’s been a crazy couple of years for sure, on the pandemic front, but finally things are improving and getting back to normal.

It’s fantastic that international travel is back on, and that hospitality and entertainment has opened up again. For me, getting back to live performing with Duran Duran and my band ‘Uncovered, The Electric Rock Experience’ (formerly The Stand-Ins), has been wonderful. I’m really not the same when I’m not performing.

Standout moments with DD include the performance for the Global Citizen event last September and spending a week in Austin, Texas, for the two Austin City Limits festivals and the ACL Live filming at the Moody Theatre last October. Austin is one of my favourite US cities so spending a week there under any circumstances is a thrill for me.

The BBC Radio In Concert performance last September was a fun experience, where we included songs from DD’s latest release, Future Past. Knowing that your performance is being transmitted live on radio and TV always brings a different kind of energy to the event. Also performing outside Buckingham Palace last week for the Queen’s Platinum Party in the Park was a truly special occasion. I love that I always bump into so many old friends and colleagues from the other bands and the staff at these big events.

My band Uncovered (click & follow on IG!) have also been performing regularly this last year and been building up a strong live following. It’s such a joy performing songs that inspired me to be a musician in the first place. Whether it’s Pink Floyd, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Bowie or Jimi Hendrix (to name a few), audiences say we perform these songs authentically and with a fresh and unique interpretation… and it's so much fun. The fact that musicians can still sell out the Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House etc performing classical music, from the last few hundred years, gives me confidence that there is a large market for a dynamic band performing classic rock and pop songs from the last 50 years.

I’m wishing everyone a happy and healthy year ahead and I’ll be looking out for you at the forthcoming shows. It’s looking to be a busy next 12 months. It’s always great seeing you all at the shows… we feed off your energy!

Big hugs,
Dom xx