Duran Duran’s New Song Is Destined for Hot and Heavy Club Grinding

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This writer is happily gyrating around her apartment to Duran Duran’s new song “Anniversary,” a pulsating, “Relax”-esque bop that ushers in the era of the band’s new album, FUTURE PAST. (Yes, the caps are necessary.) Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor all encourage us to pop some Champagne while “celebrating this union, holy and unchained,” which is as hot as it is sage. “We are the past and we are our own future,” Le Bon told us about Duran Duran’s current ethos earlier this month. “But there’s another way of looking at it, which is that every moment you experience in the future will be a past. So everything you do is a future past. It’s almost like saying the present.” This blog has aged a decade since reading that sentence.

Courtesy Vulture