Duran Duran Support The Sweet

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, For some peculiar reason, I have in my mind that Duran Duran were booked to support Sweet at the Hammersmith Odeon on 24th February 1978. They didn't actually turn up but I just wondered if that was ever on the books? I appreciate it wouldn't be the fab five as we knew them but maybe with Stephen Duffy on vocals. If it wasn't them then maybe it was someone else. Best regards, Mike Fisher

Hello Mike! The band don’t think it was possible that it would have been in 1978, particularly since they were still with Stephen and only played 4 shows together. However, they were booked to do ONE show in London with The Sweet, which got cancelled. It was more likely to be in 1980, which would have been the 5 piece line up. There may possibly even be a poster for the show in the archives, we will have to check...Thanks for the Q, Katy"