“Beautiful Lies” Bass

Ask Katy

"Beautiful Lies" seems to have two separate bass lines interwoven throughout the song. One is either a synth bass or a regular electric bass guitar with some sort of heavy effects pedal. The other bass line is more clearly JT playing bass guitar. The combination is amazing and gives the song such a driving urgency (which the vocal harmonies take to an even more frantic level). I absolutely love this song. Would JT illuminate us on his bass magic on this one? Thanks as always- Kris San Diego, CA

"Well thank you Kris. I laid down the electric bass part initially, with Giorgio in the room. Later on we were working in more detail on the overall arrangement and I asked Nick to dial up a tight bass sound on the Jupiter. I played that over the top of the electric bass as I felt there needed to be something more in that area. Glad you like it! JT"