The Genesis of “Like An Angel”

Hi Guys, Looking over my beloved RIO Deluxe edition, I noticed how "Like an Angel" was included on the second cd. I've always liked this track, and its wonderful whistle part. Well done Simon I presume. I see that it has a Manchester demo along side other Rio demos, so I was wondering if it was being considered for the album since it was sadly unused on the first album., and if not, why not. Also, was the studio version recorded during the RIO sessions or the first album? George

"Hello George! I got the scoop from the band: “Like an Angel” was first released as the B-Side of the original single version of "My Own Way.” Both of these tracks were created after the first album, but before the initial RIO sessions.The band felt that they needed to release another single, and so they wrote “My Own Way” for that purpose. At that time, B-Sides were always special and important, so “Like an Angel” was written for that, rather than using a track that had already been released. What subsequently happened is that the band decided that the version of “My Own Way was not suitable for the RIO album, so they completely re-cut it in a different style. It was always going to be included on the album, whereas “Like an Angel” was only ever a B-Side. PS- Simon did perform the whistling (but then people say they all sound the same when we whistle!). Thanks for the question. Katy"