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Hello Nicholas! How are you? I was wondering if @grahamcoxon played all guitars throughout the new album or if he only did a couple of songs? If so, who played the rest of the guitars? Virtual hugs from a lockdown Buenos Aires - Fabiana

"Hello Fabiana!! Hope you & everyone else I will speak to today are keeping safe & well. New album is almost finished, so it was sad to have to take a break. Graham has played on most of the record, tho we sneak a little bit of JT in there somewhere! NR”

As the #DD15 won't be ready in a short time are you taking in consideration giving your fans a sneak peek from the new album? - Angie

"Angie, If we could find a track that was in good enough shape & get it mixed, we would be happy to do that. I have seen some of the great contributions other musicians are making & of Duran Duran would like to do something special too. NR”

Hi Nick! You mentioned releasing a book of your photos this year, when I was fortunate enough to meet and ask you in person. Is this still a possibility? Also, THANK YOU for doing this! Whomever thought of the idea deserves a raise! Or at least a huge hug! Xo - Donna

“Oh gosh! You’re talking about @CleverKatyK! By some divine serendipity, the 1st complete copy of my photo book will be with me in 45 minutes time. It has just been printed, provided everything looks right, I hope to get it out later this year. NR”

How long did it take you to get used to the Controller nickname? - MoneyInToLight

“Well, allegedly, it came from Simon’s introductions on a tour long ago. It’s fine being called The Controller as long as you have everything under control! As we can all see at the moment, that’s not always the way it works out. Best to always try your best. NR”

What are your thoughts on how the current state of the world will affect music and/or the live experience for artists and fans? - Amy

“That’s a great question, and I have many thoughts but couldn’t possibly answer in the available characters in a tweet. For sure, I do think that everything will have changed once the world finally recovers from this shocking experience. NR”

Hey Nick! What is your favorite DD song to preform? Where is your favorite place to preform? Thank u! Stay safe, healthy & happy! - Donna

“Hi Donna, it changes by the day. Usually, when we’ve just released a new album it’s exciting to premiere the new material. Though I do also like playing songs that get an instant joyful reaction from the audience. “Rio” seems to do that. NR”

Being such a social butterfly, how are you keeping yourself entertained while we are all staying home besides making music for the new album (which I assume is also happening)? Watching movies? Listening to new music? Costumes? Baking cakes? Board games? - Amber Von Avalon

“That is a wonderful name you have Amber. I am keeping myself busy with all the things I never had to do, though admittedly that does not include baking a cake. I am currently sorting through my photo archive & preparing to look at rushes from a documentary I am working on. NR"

There is a dreadful fire at Rhodes Towers and you only have time to save on piece of musical kit from your collection - what would you choose and why? - Adrian

“Hi Adrian, Well if it includes my computer, it would have to be that. There’s too much information in it. Otherwise my original Jupiter 8 synthesizer. NR”

Nick, do you ever listen to the Arcadia album? - Lili xx

“Hello Lili, I tend not to listen to our old material after it’s completed unless I am reviewing it for inclusion in a live show or for remixes. I would say maybe around a decade ago was the last time I referred to Arcadia for a remastering project. NR”

Hi Nick, I hope you're well! I was wondering if you have a favourite piece in your art collection and if so, why? Big big love to you and your family at this time. Also would you ever do a make up tutorial? You are the King of Eyeliner after all. - Liv

“Hello Liv. Too many to choose just one but actually a surreal pastel that my daughter did when she was about 10 years old is right up there with my favourites. I don’t think I’d be good at make up tutorials. I put my eye line on with my fingers. NR”

Hi Nick, I hope you are well. Have you watched any great films recently? - Lauren

"Hello Lauren. Actually I found myself going back to films I’d not seen for many years; I just re-watched several Jodorowsky films including “El Topo” and “The Holy Mountain.” Also recently saw “Pandora & the Flying Dutchman” again, really beautiful. NR”

Hi Nick!! How excited are you about new material? - Miguel

“I am super excited, but, like every one else in the world right now, I feel as if a giant hand came up from the ground and pressed PAUSE. I was hoping to keep my promise that the album will be out this year, but we will have to say how everything unravels. NR”

Nick, hope you're well! I was wondering which album cover of all time is your favourite? - Monique

“Album covers have always been important to us as a band. I think the “Rio” album has undoubtedly become larger than life. I frequently see appropriations of that image & she has become as modern Mona Lisa ! NR”

Hi Nick! What new keyboards or processor are you using for the new album and how is the new album sound different from anything you’ve done before? Love your work!! Thanks much - Jason

“I always try out some new keyboards but inevitably end up using all of my older analog synths. The album's an exciting cocktail between @giorgiomoroder, @MarkRonson & @erolalkan. I feel we have managed to carve out something unique that fits together like a 3-D jigsaw. NR”

Nick, people say Geminis are indecisive. is that accurate for you? - Woodpecker

“I am not sure? Let me just ask one of my 6 twins. You see Gemini is also my rising sign and my first moon. We rarely agree upon that. NR”

Hello Nick! Now that all the museums are closed, is there a museum that you particularly miss visiting and do you make use of the digitalised collections online? - Jasmine

“I was fortunate enough to see Aubrey Beardsley & Andy Warhol at The Tate Museums before they close. Both wonderful show that I hope more people are able to see in the future.I did not see the Picasso drawings at the Royal Academy, never quite the same online but better than not being able to see what’s going on with art and culture. Yes, I look every single day. NR”

What is a fashion trend you'd like to see make a come back? - Hannah

"Hello Hannah, That's a really good question. Elegant 40s & 50s, particularly for women is still the most beautiful couture period for me. NR"

Hi Nick. What synths did you use on your first album, and what flanger was used on the song "Tel Aviv"? - David

"Hi David. First album I used a Roland Jupiter 4, a Prophet V & a little Roland System 100. The flanger on “Tel Aviv” would have been either an MXR pedal or Rackmount Unit. NR”

Hi Nick!!! What do you think about the movie "Sing Street"? All the love from Manila, Philippines! - Azi

“I did see the movie “Sing Street” as they were using some of our music & generally not the type of film I would watch, however, I thought it was beautifully made & it did make me smile several times. The actors did a great job too. NR”

Hi Nick - will there be a super deluxe edition The Wedding Album anytime soon? best, Marc

“It’s not the current agenda I am afraid, Marc, however, I am always up for a super deluxe edition. I think we did release all of the completed tracks from those sessions on previous CDs…but would love to do some vinyl. NR”

Nick. In 1986 i was in Kenya with the army. I gave my walkman and Rio tape too some school children. If that caused a spike in African sales can I claim my 10% ? - Doug

“Doug! Are you it wasn’t a Sugar Man tape you gave away? NR”

Hi Nick!! How do you overcome a set back in creativity? - Gymmy

“A setback? Of course, they are days when you try to make something work and it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped. However, I am always determined not to be beaten by and so if I lose one day, I return to win the next. I don’t feel that way in casinos btw. NR”

Nick, do you like to look back on your tour memories? - Suzy

“I try to look forward. NR”

Hi Nick! What is your favourite fashion design? - Ellie

“Hello Ellie. I am a great admirer of many fashion designers from different periods. They are some of the most important artists to have shaped pop culture over the last century. At the moment, I feel Iris Van Herpen is leading the way with exquisite modern design. NR”

Hi Nick! Do you happen to have a favorite camera or model? - Alex

“I have used a RICOH GR for some years. I recently bought a new Sony RX100V11 but it’s early days yet, I still miss my Contax T2, which may make another appearance. NR”

Hi Nick. What’s your pre-concert ritual?

“Not really. I like to arrive at the venue as late as possible to get ready and then go straight on stage. It feels more exciting for me that way. NR"

Will Duran use Electro Set again on tour someday, Nick ? - Tina

“It was fun whilst it lasted. I would never say never but part of me does feel we have done that already. NR”

What’s your fave David Lynch film?

“I don’t have one that isn’t a favourite but if you force me to make a decision today, “Eraserhead” NR”

How about putting an exposition together with all those wonderful clothes you kept over the years? V&A would be perfect for that! - Maria

(Big laugh) “Yes. If the occasion arose, it is now an interesting collection. We are currently looking at different possibilities for the Duran Duran archive too. NR”

Hi Nick! What's the first thing you'll do when this situation we're facing is over? - Dominique

“See all my friends. Spend more time outside. Stop watching miniseries. NR”

Hi Nick!! What’s your favorite constellation?? - Taylor

“Gemini, of course. NR”

Hey Nick! What bands did you listen to when you were growing up? x - Fern

“Bands…Roxy Music, Sparks. Cockney Rebel, Iggy & the Stooges, The Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, T-Rex. Then later…Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Siouxsie & the Banshees and, of course, Kraftwerk. NR”

Have you ever come close to composing a film soundtrack?

“Yes. There have been a few offers over the years, though timing has usually been the issue. I did recently write some music for a short film called @in2ruders. So yes, I am open to it. NR”

Of all the DD songs never played live, which would you be most willing to add to a setlist? my vote is "Sin of the City" - Kay

“That’s not a bad one. That was on our list a couple of tours ago but we never got round to it. There are already 2 or 3 songs we haven’t played for over 30 years on the list for upcoming dates (whenever they happen). I will re-add that one to the list. NR”

Hi Nick! Would it be possible to cast actors to play Duran Duran in a Biopic? Do you like the idea? - Miguel

“I’d be the last person to ask! I liked Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan though. NR”

Hey Nick, Is there any chance to see you playing "The Seven and the ragged tiger" (or "Rio") in full on stage? Please stay safe. Sending my love from Tel Aviv. - Dror.

“Dror, I don’t see why not, we have discussed playing the first two albums In their entirety so perhaps we should do all three…NR”

When you sit at the piano for leisure, what do you like to play? - Tom

“Hello Tom, I love pianos, and do have one at home, on which I enjoy meandering around the keys. However, I still find synthesizers far more inspirational. NR”

Have you played the Galaga online game yet? (since it appeared to be your fave game in Sing Blue Silver) - The New & Improved Amy

“Not since that period, I had a few more minor obsessions along the way, including Tetris whilst we were making the LIBERTY album but once I reached a score of 100,000 I was able to crack the addiction & haven’t ventured in to games since. NR”

“Thank you for all the great questions, this was fun. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, stay safe & well…and try to use this extra time we have to do something that you never thought you had time to do. Nick x "

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