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John, how are you feeling now? Greetings from Brazil! - Mirella

“Hi Mirella. I am feeling good. 100% grateful and thankful to have the virus behind me, thankful it didn’t cause me too much pain. I am just grateful.”

John, you've been through so much -- and not just COVID, but in your life. What keeps you so strong and motivated? You inspire me. - Juliet

“I think we just deal with life as it comes, you know? As I said, I am grateful the experience I had was what it was and I was able to recover quite quickly.”

This new album, (which we will patiently await for...nooo not really, but we'll try!) , is there a particular theme going on as far as topics, or music style inclinations. Thanks JT!

“I feel so consumed by the events that are surrounding all of us, I think we all have had to leave work early, unfinished on our desk, and we will pick it up when the 'all clear' gets sounded. I am quite appreciating having to keep things in the moment right now. Nobody knows how long this will go on... this is so unusual, especially for some one like me, who is always getting on an airplane. This forced confinement is causing some inwardness which isn’t all bad.”

What do you think about canned cheese, John? - Taylor

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!”

Hi John! I’m glad the day finds you feeling much better! ❤️ With all of the time we have on our hands lately, have you tried doing something you always wanted to do when you had more time? - Lisa

“Hi Lisa. I am definitely doing more things that I like to do, that I don’t always have the time for.”

Hi John, if you would decide to play a full album live, which one would it be? - Silvia

“I am not a big fan of doing that. I have said this before, I think it takes away one of the most exciting aspects of live performances, which is not knowing what will happen next... so there is a predictability I am not all together up for. Don’t feel like it’s in the cards for us.”

Did you binge watch any Brit or American cable while u recovered ? - Claudine

“One TV recommendation on Amazon Prime - ZeroZeroZero."

Hi John. Hope you are OK now... You must have been frightened getting Covid19. - Jenny

“I wasn’t fearful and then I got sick! It really hit me, I didn’t see it coming. By the time I found out I actually had it, I was feeling well again.”

Hi John! Some time ago I heard rumours of a musical ... is that really going to happen? - Chiara

“Mine and Nick’s musical is written and recorded, I don’t know whether it will see the light of day, but we will have to see.”

JT, Peaky Blinders. Historic drama series or a documentary set in 1970's Birmingham? - Doug

“Ask the wife - she’s obsessed.”

What was your favourite Top of the Pops performance you did? - Kate

“The first one, “Planet Earth”, February 1981. There is no time like the first.”

Your favorite album artwork is... - Monique

“Ohhhhh now now, Monique…it’s a draw (geddit) between these three (in no order): "Sticky Fingers,""The White Album," "Exile on Mainstreet."

Will you ever come back with a personal account on Twitter? - Ipollita


Hi John, you inspired me to pick up bass way back when I was 15. I still have my original bass guitar. Do you still have your first bass? - Jen

“No, I do not. I sold it to buy drugs. LOL (kidding!)"

John, most of DD wear in-ear monitors. What do you have playing in your ear?? Can you hear other things? - Erika


Hi John! Happy to hear you are recovering well from Covid-19. My question for you is...When it’s time to leave this earth what would you want to be remembered for the most? - Heather

“Gosh. You know, I think, a mensch with a clue.”

Hello John!! I’m so relieved you are feeling better! What is your favorite bass line to play live? - Holly

“My fave bass line to play live …I like “Shadows on your Side.” "

Dearest John, know that you are in our thoughts. Stay home safe, take care of yourself. We are waiting for you as soon as possible after this bad moment has passed, to see you stronger than ever on the next tour here in Italy . We love you! - Laura

“I have been thinking a lot about our fans and friends in Italy, and the struggle going on there. Sending all our love over there and looking forward to getting back when this is all behind us."

Hi John! So glad you're feeling better!! Got any plans to do acting roles again?? Dominique

“Not something I really still think about. I am not really comfortable with it."

Who is one artist you would’ve loved to collaborate with from the past? - Lindy

“David Bowie, Andy Warhol”

Hi John! How would you react if you were called Nigel? - Aubrianna

“Ha! I’d say “fuck off!” No, maybe "hello mummy.” "

Thanks for chatting with us John! Could you name a song from the Thank You album and share why the band was inspired to cover it? - Kristina

“My songs were “911 is a Joke” and “White Lines.” There is nothing on there that really goes back to my childhood beside “Perfect Day.” It’s an interesting time capsule.”

Hi John! Glad to hear you are well! Kooky question: if you weren’t a musician, what occupation would you hold?? - Rachel

(Stares in to space). “I am not fit for any other occupation…”

How do you cope with having a lack of inspiration? Whether that’s musically, artistically or otherwise? - Erin

“Hi Erin. You got to get busy and dig deep, and accept that you’re not going to be inspired every day of the week.”

After all these years...Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Lisa Marie

“Diet Coke.”

So glad to see you are feeling better. I noticed you are painting now. What type of paintings are you doing? - Christi

“Just what takes my fancy. Just enjoying playing with paint, really.”

Hi john!! if you had to listen only to one album for the rest your life, which one would be? have a nice day - Trice

“One album? It would have to be The Beatles “White Album.” "

Is there a reason you always wear a splash of red on stage? - Lins1969

“A splash of colour for sure, but not always red.”

Hi John! What is your favorite Power Station song? - Sunni

“Gotta be “Some Like it Hot.” “

Hey John so happy you are feeling better.. Duran Duran and Bowie have been a part of my life’s tapestry since I can remember ❤️do you have a favorite Bowie song? - Lynne

“Maybe….I would say ”Ziggy Stardust,” the entire album.”

What is one great thing you miss about Birmingham, and one that you miss about living in New York City? - Tiffany

“That’s a good question. A) I miss the Brummies and B) I miss the architecture.”

Thank you, John, for keeping it under wraps that you had the COVID diagnoses until you were mended. You added positivity to the situation and kept the worry low. You Rock. - Pryde

“I appreciate that Pryde! I wouldn’t have wanted to come out and said anything before I was sure. My worry was I’d have a relapse, but that has not been the case.”

John, have met all the people that were you icons now ? And if not who? - Jaxx

“Wow. I think I’ve met everybody that was ever on my bedroom wall unless they departed before I had the chance."

Will the Hyde Park concert get rescheduled? - Jasmine

“I very much hope so, I don’t see why not.”

What is your favourite monophonic synthesizer for synth bass? Do you have any vintage polyphonic synthesizers!? Tommy

“I think the first ones I used were Moog's Taurus pedals, but they’re big and unwieldy. I don't have any vintage, no.”

What advice would you give to those who are having a difficult time in this lockdown? - Patty

“I think you should try and stay connected with friends and family. That’s crucial. I am spending more time on Zoom and FaceTime and calls with friends. It’s important that we all process our experience in real time as much as possible so we don’t get too frustrated. Finding an outlet is important and also, catching up on activities you perhaps wanted to do but had put off. Reading that book, planting those seeds... What are you all doing out there?? I want to know!”

Hello, John! My name is October and I just wanted to ask you how did you get over stage-fright? If you had any! Love from Arkansas, October

“I think the key is to be prepared so you can just enjoy it. When I used to get nervous it was when I hadn’t done my homework, and that’s a lesson I need to remind myself constantly.”

Hi John! I'll never forgot the free concert you guys did outside Capitol records in L. A. in 89 for Big Thing. Was that your fav place to play? - Nancy

“Gosh. That show - what I can remember is it was fun to do it at what I think of as the only pop music architectural landmark that I can think of.”

John, do you think we will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future? - Fran

“I do Fran, I do. Depending on where you are, but certainly in cities"

Hey John, did you ever want to do a collaboration with Chromeo? Love their music. - Gilda

“I love Chromeo - and anyone who hasn’t seen it has to go to their twitter and watch/listen to their song “Clorox Wipe”

What do you love about playing with Dom Brown the most?

“Is that you, Dom?!

He has such great energy, hasn’t he? And he NAILS our songs in a crazy way. He is just great on stage and has an energy that inspires me.”

Hi John! What might you consider to be your greatest accomplishment as both a musician as well as a band? - Nicole

“I honestly don’t know. Maybe, if anything, the degree to which we bring people together when we go on tour.”

Hi John glad yr recovering n thanks for doin this really appreciate it! Would you want to do gig in space? - Ruth

“No, not especially. Too far and no good hotels.”

"Thanks to everyone for participating on today’s chat. Look after yourselves, stay safe, spread the love the best you can. Here is a self portrait I did. Love to everybody! X JT”

JT Self Portrait