JT Remembers “Timeslip” (or does he?)

Ask Katy

Hello I am emailing you to see if you can possibly and perhaps kindly help with my query I watched the TV show called "Timeslip" the block which was made by Yorkshire TV back in 1985 and featured John Taylor from Duran Duran as a computer hacker. My main query is if someone can please ask Mr. Taylor about any background information relating to to the programme as I would be extremely grateful for his time anything considered including where the location filming took place and also any trivial information on the making of it. Yours faithfully, Carl Lord.

"It was such a long tome ago! I forget how I was approached about doing ‘Timeslip’. Like so many ‘extra-curricular’ gigs, it seemed like a good idea until I found myself actually doing it, practically clueless (or at least hating my hair).

Has anyone seen ‘Once Upon a time in Hollywood’? It’s the true story of two glam rock obsessed teenagers who started their own band, becoming 80s pop idols and dodgy actors 😉"