Nick on Eliot Cohen of Red Bus Studio

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In 1980 when we worked on our debut album, many of those recording sessions with our producer, Colin Thurston, took place at a studio called Red Bus in NW London. It was a real thrill to return there today for the first time since we made that record.

Our visit was made even more surreal as we entered to find the basic structures all exactly as they were, even the MCI console still remains in studio one… I remember Colin teaching me about EQ and compression as an eager teenager and experimenting with sounds as we carved out the sonic shape of Duran Duran.

Very few recording studios have survived in London, most that made it through are now a series of production suites. Red Bus now focuses on Film and Foley work but its owner Eliot Cohen has kept it alive and it certainly takes someone with vision and tenacity to navigate a path through the constantly evolving music industry. When we fired up the speakers it brought back many memories but also reminded me of how great to be somewhere that is built purely for the creation music.

With joy & gratitude



Nick & John with Eliot Cohen