Maybe DJ?

I was wondering if Roger was still doing the whole DJ thing. If so does he have any plans on spinning at Cielo anytime soon and I was wondering what type of unit he uses when he works if its digital or or if he goes all vinyl? Curious …only bc I’m working on picking up some gigs here in New York myself…its very competitive …but I enjoy the hobby. Sharon Curtis

"Hi Sharon, yes still dj'ing, but don't currently have any plans to go back to the most lovely 'Cielo'. I'm all digital these days, using Traktor software on my MacBook Pro with Traktor S2 hardware. I find that I can manipulate my music in a way that I never could with Vinyl/CD's. I can hear all the vinyl purists shouting "noooooooooo"!!!!! i'm jumping off right now! Thanks for the question! Roger X "