Simon Le Bon’s Year End, 2017

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Event of the Year -

For Duran Duran, playing Lollapalooza, in particular, the show in Buenos Aires.

For England, Harry getting engaged to Meghan Markle.

For me, my mum passing away

Movie -

I didn’t see many movies this year. I quite enjoyed “Blade Runner 2049.” It was a visual feast. I missed “Dunkirk,” and that probably would have been my #1 film. I think I will love it.


I really really enjoyed “The Essex Serpent” by Sarah Perry, that would be my top book of the year. I am also listening to Andy Weir’s “Artermis” as read by Rosaria Dawson.

TV Show(s) -

“Peaky Blinders” is so good. It’s fluff, but it is fantastic! All the acting is amazing, and it takes place in Birmingham, which I love. I love “Game of Thrones” too. I’ve seen “Stranger Things” seasons 1, it reminds me of “ET” and “Close Encounters”… I am looking forward to Season 2.

Music – I liked Leon Bridges “River,” I liked Harry Styles’ single “Sign of the Times,” I’ve been listening to the Rolling Stones’ blues album and getting into folk music as well. I like a band called Flyte and London Grammar has had a few good singles.

Favourite Duran Duran Moment

See answer to question #1 (Lollapalooza)

Personal Highlight

I am looking forward to some good news next year, but this was a hard year for me personally. I loved the tour we did, I loved Hawaii, South America was amazing, Japan…pretty much all the good things in my life have been on tour this year, all the sad things have been here. It was a tough year for this family.

Looking Forward to in 2018

Starting work on the next Duran Duran project, beginning of the band’s 40th-anniversary celebrations, and just starting a new year.