Roger Taylor’s Year End, 2017

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Event of the Year -

Brexit seems to be an ongoing thing in the UK… And of course, the royal engagement.


“Dunkirk.” I saw it in a great cinema with an incredible sound system. I loved it and thought it was amazing. I also saw the movie “Everything Everything” on the aeroplane and I liked it. I wasn’t expecting anything so I was pleasantly surprised.


I love biographies, I can devour them. Having known Steve Jones for a number of years, it was interesting to see his journey written down. It was warts and all. I picked it up and I just couldn’t put down his biography. It was a great book.

TV Show(s)

I am not a big television watcher, but I like a good series. I like “The Crown,” which is on Netflix, it goes right back to the early days of when Elizabeth became Queen. Someone recommended it to me and it was really good.


I love London Grammar, I love the xx. Those two are probably the best albums of last 10 years for me. I kept listening to Stevie Wonder this year, especially “Songs in the Key of Life.”

Favourite Duran Duran Moment

There were so many of them. The one that jumps to mind first was the Electric Picnic in Ireland. An unexpected great gig. We hadn’t played in Ireland in awhile we didn’t really know what to expect. We arrived and saw Elbow play, then we went on stage, and it was an incredible night. The love from the audience was tangible.

Personal Highlight

One of the most interesting things I did this year was my DNA test! I am 50% English, 26% Scandinavian, 12% Northern-West Europe (Germany/France), a bit of Irish, Scottish, Wales and 2% Jewish! I loved finding out where I came from.

Looking Forward to in 2018

New Duran Duran material is on the agenda again! Not sure what we are going to do, just want to see what happens and where it takes us. That’s always exciting for me.