Fans Give Duran Duran a Loud Welcome to Alberta

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'Possibly the best concert in the history of civilization as we know it'

Duran Duran was at the height of their fame in 1984 when they began the North American leg of the Sing Blue Silver tour in Calgary.

As the only Alberta date on the tour, fans came from across the province to see their new-wave idols.

The British group drew comparisons to a young Frank Sinatra and The Beatles for the way fans swooned at their shows and waited outside their hotels.

"We certainly have a lot of young fans and I wouldn't swap them for anything in the world," said Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran's keyboard player.

"Possibly the best concert in the history of civilization as we know it," one passionate supporter said after the show.

CBC's Marion Coomey's report showed plenty of concert footage from the show at the Saddledome, where fans were paying $15 for a T-shirt and $25 for a sweatshirt.

Duran Duran's next show in Alberta was Aug. 17, 1987, when they toured with David Bowie and played at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium.

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