Directing and Recording

Hi Katy, I have two questions, one for the band and one for Nick, in particular. Does the band have a preferred method or order for recording each other's part for a song? And for Nick, you've mentioned you would've gone on to make films if this whole rock star thing didn't work out. Is there a film you would love to make? Thanks,Todd

"Hi Todd, I am still rather hoping that “would have” in the past tense is not how things will turn out for me regarding films. Although I’ve been saying it for far too long, and have yet to apply myself to making it happen, I do very much hope to direct a film over the coming years. I have no idea what genre it would end up in yet but I will keep you posted…

Our recording process always varies from song to song and album to album. Since we have been recording digitally, directly into the computer, it’s obviously much easier to edit parts, so we tend to play more individually than we used to. For the early albums we would often try to capture a performance where at least drums, bass and guitar were played simultaneously. Occasionally, we still try out songs by recording together but certainly is a different process now. Nick"