Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Ask Katy

Dear Nick, Back in early 1990, you curated the music for the play "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" by Corinne Jacker. I've always wondered if, in that specific role, you just selected music to go with the play or you actually wrote a soundtrack? In the latter case, what kind of music it was? If you look back to that particular venture, and in light of your current musical project with John, can you see a slight connection between the two experiences? Thanks always for your time, Salvo

"Hello Salvo!

Only you would have picked upon such a obscure musical moment. I actually wrote a couple of short instrumental for the show because i couldn’t find anything else that i thought would be specifically appropriate. the themes were used repeatedly throughout the production. I have no idea if any copies of that music even still exists. I probably a cassette of the master mix in the archive somewhere. I can assure you the sound couldn’t be further away than what John and I have been creating together but you will have to wait a little while before you hear that!