“All She Wants Is” Guitar

Hey Katy, I have a question for the band if they have time. Thanks for all you do.

One of my favorite songs by Duran Duran is “All She Wants Is”. One of the reasons it’s so special to me is that during the second verse this guitar comes in, I believe they call it the “lead vamp guitar” on the album credits. It seems to have a free flowing range to it, unlike other pop songs then or since, i have always love the aspect of riff guitar floating in and out of my sonic awareness, and not really having a “riff” but more like a sonic wind behind the vocals and melody. I wanted to ask was this designed by John, Nick and Simon or was Warren given free range to make the guitar his own thing? Thanks for writing/recording such a wonderful song I still listen to it often. - Kevin

"Hello Kevin. As a band, we have always collaborated on almost every level, often suggesting ideas for musical parts or lyrics to each other. In this specific instance, we think the guitar part you are referring to was entirely Warren’s idea for the song “All She Wants Is.” He is undoubtedly one of the most creative and innovative musicians that we have had the pleasure to work with and he never failed to surprise us with the notes he chose to play and the sound he always made. - Nick, Simon & John"